Serverless Devs Serverless application lifecycle management tool

Serverless Devs is an open source project of tool chain in serverless field; Through the idea of componentization and application, developers can play with the serverless architecture like using mobile phones.

Open source construction

Serverless Devs is constructed in the form of Open Source, which advocates that everyone can contribute. It is hoped that through open source construction, developers can "decide" their own tools and jointly build "productivity".

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Open ecology

Serverless registry adheres to the idea of open ecology to jointly build, similar to Nodejs/NPM and Python/pypi. Serverless registry is the cornerstone of ecological openness in the field of serverless.

Ecological basis Open ecology
No vendor lock

Based on the design idea of componentization and plug-in, serverless devs is a developer tool chain / ecosystem without vendor lock-in, which can help developers quickly deploy applications based on multi cloud and multi product.

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Serverless application lifecycle management

It is committed to providing developers with serverless full life cycle management tools, helping developers have a smooth path from experience to development, deployment, operation and maintenance, and providing an easy-to-use and moving serverless tool chain

  • Application latitude creation update
  • Environmental Division of application latitude
  • Application latitude resource management

Serverless Registry

Serverless regstore is a serverless package management platform without vendor lock-in, which can help developers get started with serverless architecture very simply, conveniently and quickly, and help developers play with serverless architecture like using mobile phones.

Cornerstone of open ecology

The serverless registry is built in an open source and open form. It is committed to becoming a package management platform in the serverless field without a manufacturer's decision, and building the cornerstone of the serverless ecosystem

Similar to pypi in Python, node The NPM in JS, serverless regstore, is prospering the serverless ecosystem through a more developed and transparent approach;

The practice of no vendor lock-in helps developers quickly learn and get started with more serverless architectures / platforms at a lower cost. Maybe it's just one click for multi cloud deployment;

Quick experience Serverless Registry

Quickly build modern applications

Based on the idea of lock-in construction without manufacturers and based on the component-based and plug-in architecture, serverless devs can quickly help developers build modern applications with high availability and high cost performance

Create highly available services in the name of cloud Nativity

Defined from the application dimension, through the organization and arrangement of resources and the support of serverless architecture, developers can deploy highly available and cost-effective cloud native applications with one click

From flexibility to freedom, create modern applications

With serverless architecture as the core, through the combination of componentization, plug-in and application, developers can quickly realize the development and deployment of applications, and quickly complete the launch of full stack applications

iServerless developer community

iServerless is the developer community of serverless devs. In the community, everyone can freely express their views and expectations on serverless, and can work with more like-minded students to build a serverless ecosystem.

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Serverless Devs is a CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) Sandbox project.